How to find a Nanny in Bangkok

17th July 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Childcare in Thailand

Bangkok Nannies

What should I look for when searching for a nanny in Bangkok?

Things to look for when searching for your next nanny could include:-

a) How are their social skills i.e are they comfortable relating with non-Thai speaking expat families, friendly, personable, good eye contact – these are some of the key traits we look for when we interview new applicants.

b) Good, checkable work history?

c) Similar work experience with other families? i.e can they also help with the housekeeping, can they cook, are they ok to do the shopping?

d) Do they have a family of their own?

Fortunately, here at we are able to introduce only suitable applicants due to our strict acceptance criteria – so often the only thing left for our clients to do is meet the canddiate and see if they like her and see if she likes them.


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