Bangkok Nanny services

Our in-house team structure allows for a seamless service where clients can call the office and speak to our staff with ease or communicate through emails.

Our specialist childcare team works on the following roles for clients who are based in Bangkok and even beyond:

  • Full time Live-in and Live-out Nannies
  • Maternity Nannies (newborns)
  • Nanny/Housekeepers
  • Short-term Nannies (for non-residents only)
  • Junior Nannies (mothers help)
  • Caregivers (for elderly or infirm or those recovering from accident/operation)
  • Cooks

So whether you require a live-out nanny or a live-in maternity nurse, we can help source the right candidate for you.

We conduct business in a positive, conscientious and professional manner – these are the values by which we work on a daily basis. We ask the same from our customers.

If you are employing a nanny for the first time, please click here  or if you like to have informal chat with one of our team members please call 0991-732020

 Why hire a nanny?

Choosing the right nanny can be a time-consuming and stressful process especially in a foreign country where many people speak little or no English. By using it does not need to be though. We source, pre-interview and then advertise nannies and maids who have the skills and experience to support your family.

For many families, hiring a nanny enables them to focus on their own work as a nanny can provide a complete childcare package offering flexibility for parents and stability for children with the added benefit of personalised care, provided within the familiar surroundings of the home environment.

Many of the nannies remain in contact with their employers long after they have relocated or repatriated as she often becomes a cherished and extended member of the family. Now, finding the right nanny for your family has never been easier or more cost-effective thanks to

The role of the nanny.

Nannies work on a live-out or live-in arrangement, providing care for children on a shared or sole charge basis. In addition to the care provided, a nanny will perform nursery duties to include washing and ironing for the children, keeping their bedrooms and play areas tidy, preparing home-cooked meals for the children and will also make sure that common areas such as the kitchen are kept clean and tidy. A Nanny/Maid will do more as the title suggests, by including housekeeping as part of the role. Nanny/Maids will typically work for families where the children are at school or kindergarden for part of the day.

A live-in nanny can offer more flexibility to include earlier starts or working later into the evenings. This offers more choices to families who may have demanding jobs or other commitments. Live-in nannies should be provided with adequate accommodation, not shared with the children (if possible) and the accommodation should be available for your nanny to use on her days off (if needed) and not only during the hours that she is on duty.

A live-out nanny will work set hours on specific days each week, she has the Bangkok traffic to contend with on the way to work and then again on her way home. Her working hours will typically be between 8-10 hours per day. Any additional hours should be paid for as overtime at the end of each shift. Evening and weekend babysitting should also be agreed in advance and paid for on top of the basic salary for live-out staff.

5 Steps to Finding a nanny

The process of finding and hiring a nanny can be a long, drawn out and frustrating process in Bangkok if you do not have the experience or the resources. is the simplest and most effective way in Bangkok to find/hire a helper for your home.

We have 3 Hiring Options for you to choose from and you can be sure that will draw on their experience and their connections within the Bangkok nanny community and will source, pre-interview and then present them to you to you choose. Everyone who works with is legally entitled to work in Thailand and is registered with the Thai Department of Labour.

5 Steps to a Successful Hire

Step 1 – Email a Job Description to our Admin Team – or call and discuss with them directly.

Step 2 – A copy of the Agencys’ Terms of Service will be emailed to you for approval. This explains the hiring process and the costs that are involved.

Step 3 – Once approval is received we will match the profiles of available candidates to your requirements and then send you their profiles.

Step 4 – We will arrange a convenient time for you to interview them. Interviews can take place at your home or a neutral location.

Step 5 – Once an applicant has been chosen we organize a start date and time and complete The Booking Form – this details the Terms of her employment in the absence of an official Contract of Employment.

Signed copies of all of the documents are provided to you for your own records along with any other documents we hold on file for the helper such as a copy of her passport, ID card, reference letters, certificates of achievement.

Please email us at [email protected] further details.

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